It is a software that allows the creation, measurement, analysis and improvement of the HR Strategy, through powerful KPI’s, using the Balanced Scorecard and its own effectiveness analysis methodologies.

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Strategic Objectives

Annual Goals


Strategic Map

Key Success Factors

Initiatives Plan

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Records and Graphics

Technical characteristics of the software

  • Parameterizable and flexible to adapt to any organization.

  • Data Connectors, to integrate with other systems.

  • Minimum requirement of technical staff.

  • Supported in Web Platform and in Cloud technology.

What benefits do you get using the MetroKPI?

  • Improve your image, expertise, prestige and your credibility as an HR Professional.

  • Help improve the results of your organization.

  • Save time and money in the design and implementation of your HR Indicators System.

  • Improve your analytical capabilities.

  • Improve decision making in your organization.

  • Save on training costs for your organization in HR measurement and analysis issues.

  • Increase teamwork and improve communication of strategy and feedback.

What can MetroKPI do for you?

  • It helps you establish your HR Goals, aligned with your organization's strategy.

  • Guides and accompanies you throughout the process of building KPIs in HR.

  • It calculates the real values of each KPI and alerts you of its deviations.

  • It allows you to measure and analyze the Effectiveness of a Sub-Process and of the entire HR System.

  • It allows you to measure and analyze the Impact of your HR practices.

  • It allows you to communicate and track improvement initiatives.

  • It generates Tables, Graphs and Reports in Business Case format.