HR Isometric

It is an Integral Service of Pre-Certification and Improvements in HR, which includes a Software for the development and implementation of a System of Indicators in HR, based on international standards recommended by the ISO 30414/2018 Standard on Reports and Metrics.

This Comprehensive Service also includes:

  • Personalized training in the ISO 30414/2018 Standard

  • Diagnostic compliance with ISO 30414/2018

  • Specific Improvement Strategy

  • Accompaniment in the Implementation of the Improvement Strategy

  • Access to HR Isometrics Software

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Technical characteristics of the software

  • Parameterizable and flexible to adapt to any organization.

  • Data Connectors, to integrate with other systems.

  • Minimum requirement of technical staff.

  • Supported in Web Platform and in Cloud technology.

Benefits of HR Isometrics

  • You save time and resources in learning, developing and implementing a System of HR Indicators, based on international standards recommended by the ISO 30414/2018 Standard and aligned with your strategic objectives.

  • It encourages and enhances Continuous Improvement in HR Management and that of your entire company.

  • It gives you the opportunity to become one of the First Companies in the World that are Ready to be Certified in the ISO 30414/2018 Standard on HR Metrics and Reports.

  • You carry your HR area in a credible strategic partner, able to demonstrate the value it brings to their final results.

  • It will improve the external image of your organization, by being able to share and reveal reliable and comparable information on people management, with the best companies in the world.